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We are a team of expert offensive & defensive IT security engineers & architects - for corporate cloud and on-premise environments.

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Orgaverse GmbH is an IT security partner from Heidelberg in Germany at the forefront of IT-security risk management. Our team consists of experts who have been serving as IT security consultants for the largest corporations in the world. We deliver cutting-edge knowledge and research, strengthening operational resilience for industry leaders.

Our mission is to improve your corporate IT security processes - IT security meets operational excellence. That’s why we believe on the following core cultural values:

  • Trust
  • Customer success
  • Innovation

Our founders have presented numerous talks on our research at leading conferences in the information security community, co-authored an IT-security book, and participated in governmental projects for privacy laws. Both have been working for at least 16 years each in the IT security industry.


Businesses nowadays rely heavily on IT-automation and distributed networks, therefore protection of data, system availability & integrity is a key to sustainability. Having trust and confidence in information security programs can directly transfer into improved productivity, availability, and assurance. Therefore, having the offensive knowledge of an adversary and being able to speak the language of business leaders and their processes greatly improves the performance of IT security programs and risk management capabilities.

Enterprise Security Architecture

Our team has served in roles as external lead architects for global companies with multi-million security project budgets across different industries. From small corporations to global enterprises, we have an affordable and sustainable solution approach. Exemplary deliveries are:

  • Architecture development
  • DevSecOps
  • Planning & scoping
  • Policy, procedure, and process development
  • Project management
  • RFI, RFP, RFQ support

Security Testing and Threat Analysis

IT-security assessments or “Pentests” - from individual applications in binary or source code, over systems & entire corporate environments, to cloud services, and the mobile sector. The team has conducted numerous engagements and assessments for global companies across different industries, such as banks and accounting, oil and manufacturing, or software and hardware vendors. With detailed knowledge in development approaches, current technologies and frameworks, latest threats, and processes we identify threats, vulnerabilities, and support in mitigation before a cyber attack occurs. This area covers:

  • Threat analysis & modeling
  • Application & web pentests
  • Mobile application audits
  • Code reviews
  • Vulnerability scanning & Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Understanding compliance regulations has never been an easy task. Having experience in tackling the complex landscapes of multinational organizations we help develop strategies and establish policies covering regulations in different areas such as health, payment cards industry, governmental policies, and develop customized, understandable, and relevant policies. Furthermore, we can help to develop a security framework for a well-developed data privacy program.

Red Team

Being vigilant & ready against threats and attacks plays a key role in cyber defense. With the knowledge of an attacker view & on-demand exploit development our team provided engagements in assessing or simulating offensive actions on entire corporations from the perspective of an external adversary or an internal rogue employee to validate corporate security measures and identify weaknesses. This can involve:

  • Strategic reconnaissance & threat intelligence
  • Offensive external & internal pentesting
  • 0-day development
  • Attack simulation and response evaluation

Emergency Response and Forensic

Orgaverse is an ally to any organization working to develop and improve their security program. Our teams supported numerous clients in investigating incidents, gathering evidence, and developing counter strategies. Furthermore, we provide guides on compromised corporations and provide detailed forensic analysis on attacked systems and malware. Exemplary deliverables are:

  • Forensic investigation
  • Malware analysis & reverse engineering
  • SOC support


We believe in knowledge transfer from security best practices to state of the art attack methods in order to prevent corporate compromisation. Only an educated and prepared partner can defend against cyber security attacks. From individual employees to executive teams, our team can provide tailored training and awareness campaigns as well as develop custom materials for inhouse training, policies and guides. Exemplary deliverables:

  • Tailored 1:1 IT-security training
  • Executive management and stakeholder security awareness training
  • DevSecOps training
  • Phishing campaigns


From the start, our mission is to improve your corporate IT security processes: from audit, over DevSecOps, to IT-security risk management.

Picture Frederik Weidemann
Frederik Weidemann

CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO, Frederik drives the company’s strategic vision and all aspects of Orgaverse’s global business operations. Frederik has 16 years of experience in the IT security industry and holds a diploma in computer-science. He has focused on ERP and SAP Security since 2006 and has presented over 50 times at security and SAP related conferences including RSA, Troopers, SAP TechEd, and others. Frederik is also the co-author of the first book on Secure ABAP Programming. Prior to joining Orgaverse, he was Head of Consulting and Chief Technical Evangelist driving innovation at the leading provider for business-critical application security.

Picture Jens Mücke
Jens Mücke

CTO & Co-Founder

Jens brings to the team over 24 years of experience in software development and analysis, networks architecture, and security testing. Prior to joining Orgaverse, he led mobile security at the largest global CRM cloud provider and was senior partner in a regional leading InfoSec consulting firm. In his career he has worked in the Information Security field for major financial and accounting institutes, global software vendors, a global social network, insurance companies and media agencies.


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